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Learn about getting on a waiting list, preparing for a kidney transplant, transplant types and donating a kidney.

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There are many steps you need to take to get ready for a kidney transplant.

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Kidney Basics. ... Kidney Donation. ... Kidney Professionals.

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Become a kidney donor. Nearly 100,000 people are on the waiting list for a kidney transplant.

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When your kidneys fail, treatment is needed to replace the work your own kidneys can no longer do.

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Read about kidney transplants, including who can have them, what they involve and what the risks are.

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Tampa General Hospital is one of the leaders in Florida for living-donor kidney transplants.

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Background: Dear Donor: Thank you for viewing my Find A Kidney Donor Campaign.

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What blood tests will I need to find out if a patient and a potential donor are a kidney match?

Kidney Transplant | Johns Hopkins Medicine

A kidney transplant is a surgery done to replace a diseased kidney with a healthy kidney from a donor.